Our Brands

The Muff Liquor Company ~

The Donegal-based Muff Liquor Company uniquely produces premium potato-based spirits.

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Blood Monkey ~

Blood Monkey Irish Craft Gin brings a new taste profile to gin lovers – based on the original 17th Century Genever recipe.

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Connacht Whiskey Company ~

The Connacht Whiskey Company® occupies a unique position in Ireland, on the banks of the River Moy with winds swept in from the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

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Two Stacks Irish Whiskey ~

Two Stacks is a revival. Inspired by Irish distilleries and merchants of old and contemporary global brands of new. A premium brand recognised for quality rather than quantity, attention to detail and integrity.

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Maharani Bottle Image

Maharani Gin ~

Maharani Gin is the first release from Rebel City Distillery, the first new distillery in Cork city in almost fifty years. Fusing a longstanding heritage of craft with a splash of experimentalism, Rebel City Distillery was founded in 2020 by husband-and-wife Robert and Bhagya alongside Robert’s father Brendan Barrett.

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Grace O'Malley ~

I was the first and only female Chieftain ever to be recognised. But my legacy is more than lines on a map. I blazed a trail for intrepid spirits to follow – I burned my name deep in the history books, and folk tales are still being passed on today telling stories about my life. And though that life is over, MY SPIRIT LIVES ON in my whiskey, and my name on the lips of all that enjoy it. So here’s to me, Grace O’Malley, Ireland’s first and last pirate Queen!

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Foxes Bow ~

An irreverent spirit, Foxes Bow is a unique, premium Irish Whiskey inspired by the contemporary and creative Ireland of today.

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Two Shores ~

Two Shores, a range of four rums, is made by Autentico Nativo, a distillery in Panama. Aged for eight years in American bourbon casks, it is then shipped over to Ireland to be matured further in casks that have previously been used to finish various Irish whiskeys. Each of the Two Shores rums is double-aged and double-barrelled for a rounded taste and a smooth finish.

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