The Muff Liquor Company

The Donegal-based Muff Liquor Company uniquely produces premium potato-based spirits.
CEO and founder Laura Bonner’s grandfather, Philip McClenaghan who was a well-respected potato farmer dabbled in distilling which the young entrepreneur says inspired her interest in the sector. The successful spirits business has already amassed a dozen or more award wins, including a recent vodka gold standard win at The Spirits Business Vodka Masters 2020.

Muff Irish Potato Gin

Muff Irish potato gin is an awarding winning Irish gin. It’s named after the town of Muff on the Inishowen peninsula in county Donegal and is made from four different types of potatoes. Some of the botanicals are mandarin, rosemary, lemon, elderflower with a little champagne essence for a distinctive taste. It was a gold medal winner at The World Gin Masters 2018 and also won a gold award at The Gin Guide awards 2020 and 2020, as well as many other accolades.

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Muff Irish Potato Vodka

The second release from the Muff Liquor Company is a vodka inspired by the old recipes of Granda McClenaghan. Muff vodka is distilled six times creating a crisp, clean liquid hand crafted by using the finest Irish potatoes. The result is a premium vodka which is finely balanced with a creamy and earthy taste and a hint of vanilla on the nose. A modern take on a classic generation.

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Muff Irish Whiskey

Muff Irish whiskey is a 5- part blend of Irish malt and grain whiskeys, each one bringing an individual element. these combine to give multiple layers of flavour on the nose, middle-palate and end of the tasting experience.

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